Swelling kidney = Hydronephrosis

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Hydronephrosis is a swelling behind the kidney due to pressure on the kidneys due to blocked urinary flow.
Under normal circumstances, urine flows from the kidney with a very low pressure.

If the flow is blocked urine, urine will flow back into the tiny tubes in the kidneys (renal tubules) and into the central area of ​​the collection of urine (renal pelvis). This will cause the kidneys to swell and push the delicate kidney tissue.
On finally did, the pressure hydronephrosis that persisted and worsened kidney tissue so will damage the kidneys gradually lose function.
Hydronephrosis typically occurs due to blockage of the ureteropelvik connection (the connection between the ureter and renal pelvis), in connection ureteropelvik coil shifts down due to kidney, stones in the renal pelvis, ureter Emphasis on by fibrous tissue, an artery or vein that is located abnormal, tumor.

Hydronephrosis can also result from a blockage under ureteropelvik connection or because of backflow of urine from the bladder like a stone in the ureter, tumors in or near the ureter, ureteral narrowing due to congenital defect, injury, infection, radiation therapy or surgery, abnormalities in muscle or nerves in the bladder or ureter, formation of fibrous tissue in or around the ureter due to surgery, x-rays or drugs (especially metisergid), Ureterokel (protrusion of the lower end of the ureter into the bladder), bladder cancer, cervix, uterus , prostate or other pelvic organs, obstruction that blocks the flow of urine from the bladder to the urethra due to prostate enlargement, inflammation or cancer, back flow of urine from the bladder due to congenital defect or injury, a severe urinary tract infection, which temporarily block the contraction of the ureter.

Hydronephrosis sometimes occurs during pregnancy because the enlarging uterus pressing the ureter. Hormonal changes will exacerbate this situation because it reduces the contraction of the ureter that normally drain the urine into the bladder.
Hydronephrosis will end if the pregnancy is over, although afterwards the renal pelvis and ureter may still be quite wide.
Dilation of the renal pelvis which may hinder long rhythmic muscle contractions that normally drain the urine into the bladder. And fibrous tissue replaces the normal position of muscle tissue in the wall of the ureter, causing permanent damage.

The early symptoms of hydronephrosis is usually a digestive tract disorders such as nausea, vomiting and abdominal pain.
These symptoms sometimes occurs in people with children due to congenital defects, where the connection is too narrow ureteropelvik.

Symptoms of hydronephrosis also depends on the cause of blockage, the location of the blockage and duration of the blockage.
If blockages occur quickly (acute hydronephrosis), will usually cause renal colic (pain exceptional in the area between the ribs and pelvis) in the affected kidney. If a blockage develops slowly (chronic hydronephrosis), may not cause symptoms or tenderness in the area between the ribs and hips), urine from 10% of patients contain blood. Often found as a urinary tract infection found pus in the urine, fever and pain in the bladder or kidneys. Hidronefrosis also can form stones (calculus), which cause kidney damage and eventually renal failure.

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