10 Signs You Might Need Glasses

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by adadeh

Your vision is one of your most important assets. It is something we should never take for granted. We must pay attention so we can identify issues with our vision and take corrective action early. It is even more important if you already have vision problems. There are a number of signs which indicate you may need glasses or a new prescription if you already wear them. Paying attention to these signs and taking swift action can help preserve one of our most precious gifts, our eyesight.


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Whether you wear contact lenses or glasses the right prescription is very important. Our vision changes over time and so should our prescription. This is particularly important with kids’ glasses. Children’s bodies change rapidly. If their prescription glasses are not the right strength they may have problems learning, playing sports or just interacting socially. Have their eyes checked regularly and update their prescriptions promptly. Even if you buy designer glasses or coloured contact lenses, it is very important to check your prescription regularly.

The way you watch television also hints at the condition of your vision. If the images have begun to become fuzzy and you are have trouble reading text from the screen while sitting in your favourite chair, it may indicate you need to have your vision checked. Do you find you now have to scoot your chair closer to the television to be able to really see clearly? Get thee to an optometrist.

Headaches, double vision and blurred vision are another sign one may be having vision problems. If you have frequent headaches, it could be an indication something is wrong with your eyes. When kids’ glasses get old the children often complain of headaches. Have their eyes checked as part of your children’s treatment for headaches. Their problem may have a very simple solution.

Sensitivity to light can also indicate vision problems. If the lights in your home, from the television or in the streets suddenly seem too bright, seeing your optometrist might be the solution. Early detection is important as it can arrest deterioration. The inability to read text close up or from a reasonable distance away may signal it’s time to update your prescription.

Do you find yourself having to close one eye to read or see detail in a picture? You may have a vision problem which can be easily fixed with the right prescription glasses. Excessive tearing is another indicator something is wrong with the eyes. Whether you or your loved ones wear designer glasses, prescription glasses, coloured contact lenses or no glasses at all, if they display any of these signs consider having their vision checked.

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